Best way to set up resource showing wfh/in office days for the whole team?

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Our team has just started going back into the office but each staff member is only required to be physically in the office on 2 days of the week. There will be general patterns of days that people are in the office but it could also change from week to week as it is for each person to decide which days work best for them on any given week, e.g. I will work in the office on Wednesdays and Thursdays as a general rule, but if I know I have a meeting on next week, I am free to change my in office day to Monday and Wednesday for that week.

What is the best way to track this within teams? The calendar function does not work well for this as everyone would need to set up recurring events and we don’t want all of the individual events to sync with our outlook calendars and effect the readability of actual meetings, events etc.

Just wondering if anyone has any ideas or if anyone has done something similar? Ideally the solution would allow for anyone who is in the office to see at a glance everyone from the team who is currently also in the office with them.
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Sorry, I replied to wrong post :P. 

Utilizing a SharePoint List is best use case here. You could also use Outlook Shared Calendar, but I just setup a calendar in SharePoint since you don't have to add it to everyone's Outlook manually etc.

Once you have a list setup with the columns you need, and start / end date. You can create a Calendar View and then utilize this view on a SharePoint page and add it to Teams as a Tab, or a link on SharePoint and accessed via the Lists app.

We have it in both locations linked to same place but it works well and you can create multiple views to help such as by Department etc.