Best way to add Non-Microsoft Guests to Teams

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Good afternoon,


We're running into issues with adding (assumed non-Microsoft) email addresses as Guests to our Teams.


I am our org's Global Administrator so am the owner for most, but I've also been adding user1 as an Owner to some Teams/SharePoint sites. However, when user1 tries to add an external user to the Group via, they receive this error.




Is this because user1 is not an Admin? And if that's not the issue, what is the preferred way for end-users who are Owners of sites to add Guests to Teams?


Thank you in advance,


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@mdcastorena I assume that guests are working when you invite them as GA ?


What do you have set for this in Azure AD admin, under Users > User Settings > External Collaboration Settings




@Steven Collier - Ah, I see now. That's what it is. Thank you for the clarification!