Best Practise to organise internal trainings with external trainers

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I am working in the training department and we replan our training program to run this year via MS Teams.


The trainings are mainly conducted by external trainers who don't have an internal MS Teams account. The trainers should send invites from MS Teams and need to have the organiser role of the meeting.


My question...: What are the best option(s) to get external trainers on-boarded for a certain time?


Our challenges are:
- External trainers are changing frequent
- Every trainer might do min 1 up to max 12 trainings per year
- Some of the external trainers are only do 1 training

- We need to replan 100+ trainings with 30+ different external trainers

- Internal process of setting up a new user might take some time



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@HamburgWen Hello, this is a very brief answer but I would try to make the other companies invite your employees to these training instead of you having to administer all of this. Perhaps some of them already use Teams? If not, they can sign up for Teams free for example creating an own organization for training purposes.





Yeah! I agree here! It would be better for trainers to schedule the meetings. There’s no need for internal accounts in order for them to present etc..



I've been doing this a lot this year as Learning and Development manager. 


We create a generic Teams meeting link for each facilitator (by asking them to create a meeting at midnight on New Years Eve) and rename that link to 'Dales Team Link'.  And then we create our outlook training invites with a Teams link in it.  


I have an admin person who has a document with 20 facilitators names and their corresponding links.  

Where I've got one course that could be delivered by 20 different facilitators depending on when it is running, we send out the list of facilitator links to the participants and ask them to check the name of the facilitator and click on their relevant link in the document. 


It's a painful approach, because we cant change ownership in the meeting, but it works ok.