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I organize and host a  New Hire training series on Teams. Its a reoccurring meeting that happens once a week. It is one channel of a bigger Training Team just for new hires. 

I am wondering what is the best way to structure this meeting / invite people. Participants of the meetings are constantly changing as people leave the training at will but we also have new people joining when they are hired. It feels a bit chaotic as the meeting invite is often forwarded to new hires or I'm manually adding people upon email request. 


There must be a better way to manage this. We thought about creating a separate team just for this series but we would like to keep training related stuff isolated to one team. Any thoughts or ideas? 


Is it possible to have a static invite link where new hires can add them self to the series and leave when they feel done with the training? 



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Hi @Bogdanofff  Have you considered creating a channel meeting?  Any member of the channel can see it and join but you don't have to send out invitations: Schedule a meeting in Teams ( - look for the section on scheduling channel meetings.  


The Benefits of Channel Meetings in Microsoft Teams (

I happy to report back that this is perfect! I had ran across Channel Meetings articles but none of them explained them as well as this one.

Thank you so much for reducing this headache of mine!