Best option to follow if we want to archive a channel representing a completed project

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We have the following business case/scenario:- 


1) We have a SharePoint online list inside a modern team site representing our projects, where users create a new item (project) inside the list and give it a Title and a Status = Active.

2) Then using Graph API inside a power automate flow, we create a new channel inside existing Teams.


things are working well so far, but now we have some completed projects, and we want to set their status to "Completed" instead of "Active".. so can we then hide or archive the related channel for all users?

I prefer if there is a way to do it using graph API. but i know currently graph API is limited,, so can we do this using UI? i thought to benefit from the Hide feature, where the Teams admin can hide the channel, but seems this action will only hide the channel from the admin list and will still show the channel for all the other members.. so what action we can do to mark/identify a channel that is linked to a completed project?



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Channel archiving is just realeased I don't know if there is already a api available.

@paul keijzers can you advice  more on this? what will be achieved by archiving a channel?