Being There But Not Really… ???

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Hi, I have a question and I would love to get your help and knowledge with this.
I need to appear online with my laptop never sleeping. I don’t want to disable the laptop’s normal sleep capabilities, I simply want to find a work-around for this situation. I need this feature for periods of 20 to 30 minutes when I am actually away taking care of my sick wife who has Covid, and I am trying to find a full-proof method for doing so such that my boss and co-workers will never see that I am gone, but instead will always think I am online and working.
I have a method which seems to work, but I am honestly not aware of all the functionalities in the program.
The method I came up with is to go to my calendar and pick a past meeting that has already expired, open it up and join the meeting. It opens up and it simply says “waiting for others to join”. I am unsure if someone from the outside can start looking for me and determine that I’m hanging out in a meeting that’s already taken place a day or two ago. Can I have you folks with a worldly knowledge of Teams help me out here?

Thank you very much!
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If you go to your profile picture in the Teams app you can manually set your availability status and also schedule the status for an amount of time

Hope that helps / Adam
You can also turn off the feature that marks you as Away after a certain period of inactivity. Google the setting.
Thank you Adam and Tictag!!


There is another important topic in your message and that is your supervisor would penalize you for taking care of your wife while she is ill? There is more than a technical solution to your problem needed. If you are not able to speak to him or her frankly about this, you may be working for the wrong person or company. Since you are trusted to work remotely, you are surely trusted to complete your work whether it means being in front of your laptop for 8 hours straight or working in increments in between which, you are caring for your wife. There's something wrong with a supervisor who spends his or her time checking on status of "eyeballs on screen"!