Being able to see more than 9 screens


Is there a way to see more than 9 screens of participants in a meeting, even if the screens rotate in a certain time?

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Yes, you will see the latest active speakers. So if you are 20 participants in the meeting you will see the ones that been active talking. But if you want to see more than 9 at the same time you have to wait for the release of Large Gallery view that will allow you to see up to 49 video streams. This will be released soon (August),

@Linus Cansby  thank you very much for the information, greetings

I heard that Teams was supposed to show more than 9 screens by August. As a teacher, I need to see all my students, when will this feature come down the pipeline?

@Kelli_May  Hello
With the new Teams update comes this option. You must enter the 3 points (more actions) that appear in the horizontal bar, which in this new version will be found at the top of the screen, and choose Large Gallery. With this option you can see 49 students on their screens

I am STILL unable to view more than 9. I had 11 in my “room” today and all I could access, if I wanted, was together mode (preview). Using the desktop app on my MacBook. Everything is enabled. My only way around was to have my 2 staff members leave and come back in so I could see all of my students. What gives!?!?!?!?!