Batch policy assignment not working for all users of batch

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On Oct 21, 2023 8:16:31 AM GMT+2 I assigned a new messaging policy for deactivating quite some chat functionality for a batch of 22 users.


Activity log states that on Oct 21, 2023 8:17:00 AM GMT+2 this batch policy assignment was completed with the following:

Overall status: completed

Users: 22

Completed: 22

In progress or not started: 0/0

Errors: 0


Yet this showed effect just for 15 users (all of the same type: students) as I can see under

Messaging/Messaging policies in column Assigned to users in the clicking on View Users in the new policy's row.


Having a look at one of those users under Users/Manage users and then on the users data page under Policies and Messaging Policies I can see the name of my assigned policy.


Doing so for one of the missing users I see the Global (Org-wide default) as policy.


Manually reassigning the policy under Messaging/Messaging policies checking the box in front of the new policy and choosing Manage users/Assign users does not take effect so far (tried some 9 hours ago).


Thanks a lot for a hint what could cause this issue and how to work around to have the policy assigned to all the initial 22 users (and in the future to other user groups too)!

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