Badge alert for teams channels

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Is there any option to get a badge alert whenever there is a new message in one of the channels? (same as for chat)

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@Shiri1205 It is available for specific channels but not as a default setting for all channels. Click the ellipsis (...) next to the channel name and select Channel notifications. Set All new posts to Banner and feed.



@Par Linderoth 

thanks, I am looking for a badge like I see on 'chat' when there is a new message in one of the chats. I wasn't able to set it for teams / channels



@Shiri1205 by default, if you are @mentioned in a channel, or if the channel itself is @ mentioned, you would see an indication like this:


@Shiri1205 If you make the setting I suggested you will get the badge in the Activity feed. That is where all notifications from different teams are put. If you click on the Teams icon you will also see a small badge/notification next to the channel name.


@Par Linderoth thanks!

I think this would be great and not really satisfied with the current behavior as well. An activity feed makes sense to have all things but there should also be (like the Chat tab) a badge with total unread message count on the channel tab for those channels you'd like to have notify you in that way. For folks that live in "chat" most of the day it's never very obvious that someone is reaching out to you in your teams channel aside from going and looking or having everyone use @<teamname> or @<myname> which should be an option but not necessary.