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My outgoing video quality is not good. It shows a pixellated video to the person in front of me.  

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Hi @Suravi_Agarwal  This post from our site should offer you the solution you need: On microsoft teams free, others see me highly pixelated and my voice - Microsoft Community

I have the same issue.
The bad pixel quality appears on MS Teams only, it does not matter if web app or desktop client is used.

The video quality on the same machine and same network is okay with Zoom, Jitsi, BigBlueButton, CiscoWebEx and was also always ok with Skype before it got replaced by Teams.

Bandwith is ok, latency is ok, tested with and without firewall, LAN and Wifi = no differences.
Even in the company where I should have up to 1Gbt Up&Downstream, the quality is aweful.

The pixel quality looks like MS Teams is not capable to render/compress my video stream correctly as it gets worse as soon as I move my head.

I've tried it with the laptop internal webcam, with a hd webcam from logitech (C270) with similar bad quality.
At the moment the best solution seems to be to use the OBSStudio virtual webcam in Teams (with my internal or external logitech webcam): This is the only constellation where the received video is acceptable.

I will try the cache cleaning right now, but as the web app is impacted too, I do not expect too much.

Any other ideas to test?