Bad microphone quality while using wifi

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I am using Teams very successfully since 15 month. My setup is a desktop pc connected to wifi with an USB antenna. 

About a weak ago I got replies about my bad audio quality while i was speaking. Most times it is distorted now, sometimes only every 5th word I speak is hearable.

I switched to the Teamspeak app, no problem there. 

I switched from wifi to a Powerline connection, the problem with Teams disappeared. 

I switched to an older USB wifi antenna, also no problem.

So I bought a new wifi antenna, the problem is there again.

According to speedtests, I've got with the new antenna 300 MBits of downstream, 44 MBits of upstream and 9ms ping. Should be plenty enough for Teams-Meetings.

Wenn I switch back to the Powerline again, the problem disappears.

So I am wondering: how could the use of a low latency high bandwidth wifi connection can cause problems to my outgoing sound? Any ideas?

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There are a lot of reasons. Jitter being one of them. The numbers that you quote are considered averages, and that means that there is a lot of opportunity for jitter to be occurring in the data.
Little things like not having QOS implemented, can also impact the situation.