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hi for years i avoided using teams on my laptop because my eset security software interfered and i didnt have time or much of a need to deal with it.  i used teams on my phone occasionally using wifi in my house.  i got a new pc and went with mcafee this time and tested teams locally with a friend.  no problems except maybe for a little freezing.  i tried to attend a meeting the other day using teams . i saw the folks (some freezing) but their voices were garbled.   i'm mentioning that one participant was overseas but suspect that has nothing to do with the problem.  my download speed that day at that time thru spectrum was 357 mbps.  i was using wifi on a 5g network in my home.  i had some apps including outlook open because i expected to be presenting some thing too.  its very tough to test various fix options (cache, ethernet etc) with teams because you have to get volunteers who really get nothing from helping you and are local which may give me a false sense of success.  why is my newest  experience with teams on my laptop  once again negative.  i've never had problems with zoom at least on my prior pc.  this becomes quite embarrassing for me.  is there a simulator somewhere thru which i can get to the bottom of the problems with my installed instance?

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Since it sounds as if your internet may be okay, I'd be looking at something that you have installed on your machine.

And even with a high download speed, there are a number of things such as jitter and packet loss that are more important

@Ed Woodrick thx.  if it was jitter it appears from what i just read that my phone would have the same problem and it doesnt.  i use teams now and then on my phone using the same wifi and location in my house without issue.   as for whats installed on my pc, its basically the same as the old.  and on the old i never had a problem with products like zoom.   essentially i have sql server (which should mostly be inactive), outlook and chrome installed.  there are a couple of development tools but they arent normally open anyway.

does anybody know how/where a support ticket can be entered for this issue? 


I entered a ticket (#‎2309040040006667) on the 365 admin portal.  It isnt clear if i'll be charged for this help.  I'll probably decline if thats the only choice.

we'll see later how this worked as MS apparently closes tickets before they are proven to be solved. And makes you reopen or re enter if the solution was "premature". And they get you to fill out a survey before you know if the solution worked.

nonetheless, my assigned tech set a property in the installed teams instance called "compatibility". He used some terms when speaking to me that only an msft employee would understand but it wasnt terrible and he was patient when i sometimes questioned him on stuff like that. He explained that this property was left "unset" when an "exploratory" version (e3 maybe ef3) of teams was installed by ms with creds belonging to a virtual user (these are necessary when setting up a free azure subscription) in my tenant. He set that compatibility to windows 2007. I run w11 pro but that choice didnt appear in the dropdown.

one thing that bugged me after we were done is what would happen if i stayed on the web when clicking a teams invite. i think that is always an option but i'll wait for another day to understand that more clearly. the concern is that a web based instance may not care about properties set locally on the installed app.
that didn't work in today's meeting. Assuming there are no other new mitigating factors, it made it worse. I'm usually fine with one other attendee in a teams meeting but this time it was bad even that way. I never have problems with zoom etc.

Lots more to say about not being able to personally reopen the prematurely closed service ticket but that story is too convoluted to post here. I sent my tech an email asking him to do that.

I sent an email to the tech's ms manager and leads complaining about this...this is pretty frustrating..

the technical advisor has asked the tech's manager and lead to reopen the ticket. This was in response to my email complaint. The Tech Advisor sounded apologetic.

In the mean time i looked around the web for similar problems and see that folks are complaining a lot and generally not getting help. My favorite is the poster who runs a silent you tube during his meetings to circumvent the problem.

i hope shutting down outlook isnt part of the solution as having it up is sometimes useful when sharing. I saw that mentioned in one of the clearing cache posts.

These are some of the posts I've seen where the problem is exactly the same or similar... more about bluetooth this sounds similar as he is fine on phone and there is a link to this for clearing cache
suggests listening to a you tube that is silent during meeting actally helps
basically tells how to create a ticket
a mac issue where clearing cache didnt really help
but only sound from one of his peers is problematic