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I would like to ask if anyone has some update about the background noise cancelation feature in teams meeting that was announced back in April.


Thank you very much


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Hi @Jin Chen

Noise suppression is currently available in Stream for playback on video

However, with the announcements at Ignite and Microsoft Stream and videos being stored in SharePoint and OneDrive it remains to be seen what will happen in the future with this functionality and if it will be ported over and there is nothing in the documentation here

I am in a Stream AMA this week and will ask. In terms of noise suppression real time there is currently an app here called Krisp

Recommended to see it real time natively to vote up on the several uservoices open for it

Hope that answers your question

Best, Chris
Thank you very much. I hope Microsoft can implement the real time meeting background noise cancelation feature ASAP. Microsoft announced back in March, then both Google and Zoom rolled out, but Teams still not.

@Jin Chen Hey, just a heads up "We will gradually release this in mid-November and expect to complete the rollout in mid-December."


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thank you very much