Background Images within Announcement posts

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I've found very little information online, but is there an announcement around Announcement background images? 


It appears that within new teams this feature is missing, but I can't see if this is going to make it back on the roadmap? 










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I have been searching some information about this and found : Create a community announcement banner with Designer in Microsoft Teams (free) - Microsoft Support

It seems they are going to add designer into it so that we can create even more powerful banners.. 

We are seeing the same issue in all our tenants (and our customers too who have the new channel experience). End users really miss the option to add custom images....
Same issues here. While I understand they may be adding more functionality with Designer I can't see a reason why they'd remove functionality before Designer is ready....

@Jen_Barber 100% it is pretty frustrating, it's like they add new features while taking some away :face_with_tears_of_joy:

if Designer will become an add-on....we will know why ;)