Background effects in teams not working unless signed in

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If I sign into Teams using my personal account, background effects work fine. However work policy doesn't allow me to sign into my work account from my home pc, so I access meetings as guest not signed into teams. When not signed in, the option to blur background is available but doesn't work. 


How can I get background effects to work in teams when not signed in and accessing meetings as a guest?

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Hi @Garethb83  I know that some features are limited for guests (which the engineering team is working on) but nowhere in our internal documentation can I find a reference to the background options not working. @ChristianBergstrom , can you help here?  Thank you.

Thanks @ThereseSolimeno 

Other members in my team have the same issue so I don't think its isolated to me. I also uninstalled Teams, restarted and reinstalled and got the same. Background effects button is there and I can 'turn it on' but blur doesn't do anything and there are no backgrounds to choose from. As soon as I login though, all my backgrounds are there to select and blur works as expected.


I've attached an screenshot of teams as guest and then after I login.

Yes I can agree. This is from my point of view a issue. I think also a guest should blur the background without complicated login/logout hacks.
We have the same issue. Blur works when logged in as Personal, but when accessing client meetings as Guest, no option to blur background. I've spent ages trying to figure out what is going on, uninstalling and reinstalling Teams a few times etc! But have come to the conclusion it is due to joining the meeting as Guest which we have to do as we are not part of their organisation.
@ThereseSolimeno @ChristianBergstrom Is this a bug in teams or intended behaviour?
@ThereseSolimeno @ChristianBergstrom
I too have same issue.
Is there a solution for this?
Same here. This used to work but background effects no longer work. This is kind of bad situation as not all users are MS users but still invited to meetings.

I hope you resolve this soon otherwise I know of several companies looking to go back and make zoom or webex their enterprise standard. We just can't ask our customers, who aren't MS365 users, to use a sub-par product with limitations to communicate with us. It makes our organizations look bad. Nobody else seems to have this limitation.
I have this same issue as well.

@Garethb83 Same issue here...


Troublesome that this all of a sudden stopped working for personal and business accounts.

I also experienced the same issue in my macbook air 2017.. is there any way to solve it :(
Me too. Same issue.

Same issue here. Lost hours debugging this before coming to this conclusion. I can't join my customer's Teams meeting while being signed in because I get the "Your sign-in was successful but does no meet the criteria to access this resource." error.

Any solution for the issue?
Because of this issue, I hate when people invite me for a meeting at teams, imagine working from home, and joining the meeting with your home as the background instead of the company logo.

This works for me now as a guest via the web app or the windows app. Has been working for a month or so. Wonder why doesn't work for everyone?

Hasn't worked across 4 different PCs on different accounts for nearly the last year.

This is very frustrating. Don't have this problem with Google meet, zoom, WebEx. In fact Microsoft teams is the only one that doesn't work.

@Chatterbug Hello, I understand the frustration. For what it's worth, background effect for web users (you can either blur your background or replace it entirely with any image you want) was supposed to roll out by October but has been pushed forward to November and is expected to be completed early December. You can manage the video effects policy using PowerShell or via the admin center.


Here's the roadmap id Introducing background effects on web

So why did background affects on the browser work fine for all of 2021 then suddenly not work around April this year.?

It's not a new feature, it worked great when it worked. The option is there it's just great out now.
I have no idea really, perhaps they needed to fix some performance issues or similar.

@ChristianJBergstrom IDK... this is insane.  Waiting 9+ months for resolution.  Microsoft is MIA.

I also deal with Google Workspaces.  I have an issue with workspaces and their tech is all over it - half the time we get a call from the lead developer looking for more info.  THIS is insane that MS thinks people want to use their Teams product and can't use or blur their backgrounds.   Routing all my customers to Google Meet or Zoom at this point.  My customers don't want to use Teams for meetings when their customer's can't blur out their backgrounds - they don't like that.  MS has left us no option at this point by focusing on new features rather than fixing fundamentals. 


This and the fact that teams doesn't work in Chrome browser on Andriod.  Why?  ...No one else has this problem.