Backend "pairing" with Android Devices--- "Something went wrong"

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We have uncovered some bugs with Android devices leveraging LLDP which caused the devices not to pair the resource accounts together "Something went wrong!".  However, now we are running into a similar issue in 3 remote locations exhibiting the same issue.  These locations we disabled LLDP and are working on our native VLAN...same issue "Something went wrong!" when pairing the 6 digit code on the monitor.   These same 3 accounts can be logged in and pairing without issue in our North America locations.

From a network/intune perspective, nothing is different and intune finds all the accounts and marks them compliant.  *What* is the back-end mechanism required when you pair an android video codec (aka Poly X50/G7500) to a touchpanel (ie Poly TC8) in the backend?  What is required?  Poly requires multicast enabled for the frontend pairing and the devices to be in the same subnet (Check!) but does anyone know the mechanics or specifics on this back-end pairing...  These issues keep cropping up and we have tickets in but no resolution.


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Sorry to hear of your issues. Are you also reporting the problems in the help button on the lower left of the app?
button does not work; never did.
We have cases open with Microsoft Premiere
Did you get an acceptable response from Microsoft support and if so, can you share it here?