B2B users lost access to files in TEAMS.

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Please i need your help on this issue. 


We have an issue where our B2B users lost access to files in TEAMS.


I can't see the log behind the correlation ID as we don't have access to the ULS in SharePoint online.


Please can you help me understand the issue

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Hello, I'm Ahmed from the VAF Team. Allow me to assist you today.

1. Was the functionality operational previously?

2. What type of access does this user possess? Are they direct members or guests within your organization?

3. Are there any specific configurations within SharePoint?

4. What are your licensing details?

5. Have you also attempted to access through the Teams web application?

Warm regards.
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Did you do any change in B2B setup / SharePoint Online setup that could be the cause of this problem? What happens if your guests users use Teams Web Client to access the Teams they have been invited instead of the desktop client?