B2B external user allowed to access public teams?

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I need to know if external users with a B2B connection (with access to 365) are able to join public teams without invitation.

We have several public teams for internal users to access if they need or want to, but they are not meant to be explored by external identities like guests or B2B users from other AADs.

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They cannot, they need to be invited/added to the Team. Refer to this table for comparison of the experience between regular users and guest: https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoftteams/guest-experience#comparison-of-team-member-and-gues...
Hi Vasil thanks for your response. I have seen this article but was not sure if guest is treated the same way as a user in B2B connection.
Can you confirm that B2B users are handled the same way as guests?