Azure Information Protection (AIP) for encrypting end to end in MS Teams?


Hi all,


Because the the decision of the European court, I am thinking (school tenants) about how to protect the Data in a way that even organizations in the USA can not read it.

I am thinking about using AIP:

1) Can I use AIP for encrypting? I have heard this would be possible.

2) Encrypts AIP data of MS Teams, too?

3) If it encrypted by AIP, is it then protected against government reading from other countries? Maybe in this way it would be allowed to use MS Teams in our schools.

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AIP uses the RMS service already present in Microsoft 365 for encryption. And its only possible to encrypt email and files.

Also be aware that everything in Teams are encrypted in transit and at rest:


I am not sure if this is addressing my issue. Because of privacy reasions I need to assure that  governments of others states can not look to the data.

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