Automatically terminate a call?

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My group has a daily meeting/audio call set up to run from 6am to 6pm every weekday.   At the end of the day everyone is supposed to leave the call so that we can start the next day with a clean slate.  From time to time, though, the call organizer forgets to leave the call when he's done for the day so the call is still running the next day when we come in.  We can rejoin the running call but after a few hours (when the call has been going for 26-27 hours) the call abruptly terminates causing confusion, lost productivity etc. it possible to schedule the call so that everyone (even the organizer) is kicked off automatically at 6pm each night?  I've done some googling but so far haven't found any answers...



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Hi, nothing I've ever heard of. Do recall I've seen some similar requests at Teams UserVoice so perhaps go there and vote.


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