Automatically copy a file from one team to another

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My company have a service update that staff complete before meetings.  This report is often used for multiple meetings.  Is it possible to automatically copy this file from one team to another without staff having to copy the file?





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Hi! You can create a power automate flow for this based on a certain or manual trigger. Also if you have common files with several Teams I’d recommend setting up a separate library with shared permissions and add this to both teams
Agree with Adam here, don't duplicate the file or make a copy. Keep it single source of truth and add a tab to the document, or Link to it in a library in the Team so that the original gets updated at rest instead of making duplicates.

@Chris Webb  Maybe you can help me out, I am new to PowerAutomate and here is my scenario

  • Template file loaded into a Team when a new project comes in and new Team is created
  • Part 1 of project complete, files need to be moved to a different team for part 2
  • Part 2 of project complete, files need to be moved back to original team for project so all final files live with the project

I would love to find a way to automate this. Finally figured out that moving everything by opening in SP was easier than trying to do it in teams, now want to automate this process.