Automatic update of copied documents?

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We have a Team folder (1) for the whole Department, where everyone gets access to standard documents like processes and procedures for each subdivison. 


Additionally, each subdivison has a Team folder (2) where we do our work and have "live" documents. However, there is some cross-over currently with copies in folder (1). 


What I am looking for, is a way to link the two "twin" documents, so if I update it in the subdiv folder (2) it automatically gets updated in Department folder (1). thus both documents would be live documents continually updated. Anyone know how this is possible? 


Ex. If I update a process in subdiv teams folder (2), currently the same process document in Department folder (1) instantly gets outdated.. Thus I have to manually update the copied document. This is what im trying to get around..

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The question really is why you should Have duplicate documents when they should be the same. Why not just have the same folder visualized in different places?
Thank you so much for your quick response! Any tips on how to do that?

So the reason being that all our harddrive got uploaded in a bulk (mess) for access everyone. And now we are in the process of organising all those files, so only relevant documents are accessed by all. But if I can make a folder in (2) for "all access" and then just vizualise that for everyone that would be superb!
Are links enabled for your SP site behind it?
Hello, so are we able to copy individual documents within teams folders and have them automatically update from the original document?