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Hi all,

My workplace has a shared PC in our meeting room, which we use for, mostly, connecting to Teams so employees working from home or visiting another site can attend meetings. Our problem is that we want Teams to remember our sign in e-mail BUT we want it to request our password each time. Currently, if we login, it automatically remembers everything and even if we log out of Teams before closing the PC, anyone can just open the PC and log into anybody's Teams.

The PC itself is not password protected as it is not connected to anything that needs the security of this, and we want to avoid having to type in our e-mail every time we log into Teams as we have quite long e-mail addresses!

Is there any, somewhat simple, workaround for this please? Thank you all in advance :)

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@Lutti92 Use different users to sign in to Windows, then each will remember their Teams sign-in. Windows has never had a mode for multiple users to share a login, everything assumes that the Windows user is a unique login.

But we are not using a Microsoft login for the PC in the first place. It's a local 'user' with no connection to a Microsoft account of any kind. Nor do we want to login to our Microsoft accounts on the PC at all. We want to use the PC only for Teams without it remembering our login details for Teams except the e-mail itself. Is there no way around this? I knew Microsoft were getting ridiculous with requiring pretty much every PC owner to have a Microsoft account but not being able to have a shared PC in an organisation seems a bit too far!
While it may seem like a simple request, it's a significant security issue. Really significant.
Microsoft has Teams Rooms devices available for this exact purpose, you may want to investigate.

Simple solution, make the PC domain joined with a resource account for the room.