Automatic Recording Renames the Meeting Name

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Hello.  We were testing what happens when automatic recording was enabled for a meeting regards to students joining the meeting before the instructor.  The students were invited to the meeting.  


  1. If we do not block them in the lobby, they start the meeting and it automatic starts recording.  The recording is stored under the first student to start the meting but labeled Meeting..  All students and the instructor can see the recording in Stream V2 (We do not use Stream Classic)
  2. If we change the options to have everyone but the organizer wait in the lobby, the recording starts successfully under the organizer/instructor but it is still renamed to meeting.  And it does not show the organizer/instructor as sharing it.

The Title of the meeting is Test Course #3.  Screenshot attached.  The Meeting "50m ago" is when we did the lobby test.  The one below that also called Meeting was when first student to join the meeting started it and the automatic kicked in.  Test student was called Cheerios.  :)  Test Course #3 is the name of the meeting (#3 in the list).






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Hi, is anyone aware of an update to the renaming of meeting titles that are set to Auto Record?

ALL automatically recorded meetings are renamed to "Meeting".

For our organisation it is crucial that meeting titles are retained because we map meetings with specified phrases in the title to specified folders through the integration of Panopto and our Learning Management System.

For this reason we are unable to make use of the "Auto Rec" function until such meetings successfully retain the titles.
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Thanks for your feedback. I have raised in the feedback portal here:


Automatic Recording Renames the Meeting Name · Community (


Please vote up and get others to do so. Hopefully this will be picked up at some point via the product and engineering teams and we can see an outcome of retaining the meeting title. I have also raised it through to Teams Engineering


Hope that answers your question


Best, Chris