Automated outbound calls from Teams to individual users

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I have a requirement where we want a Teams call should go to an individual and when the user accepts the call, a pre-recorded message should play for that user. Is it even possible to do so in MS teams?

I would be integrating Teams with Service-now and will define the triggers for initiating the call within Service-now.


If there is any bot/virtual agent that needs to be setup in MS teams, any leads would be appreciated.

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There needs to be a customized build for the requirement. This is possible with a combination of Microsoft Teams and Azure Communications Services (ACS). Some developer assistance would be required.

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@kapoorabhi24  I have a similar use case I'd like to deploy from my ITSM, whereby a major ticket would spawn outbound calls to resolvers suited to address the issue. Such a major incident could occur at any time of day, so an text message to their mobile won't suffice.  I'd like a more nagging notification, like to keep calling them until they pick up and acknowledge. looked like a nice option but was priced too high for the few incidents I may have in a year.