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Hi guys,


I have a question related to both Teams and Excel functions, wondering if anyone of you has any ideas? :)


Our team is going to hold a 2-month training where there will be 15 trainees with 5 trainers.

Trainees have to submit their assignments, trainers will grade and update comments on a tracker.

I'm under the impression that this can be done with the Teams education account, but we are using the Teams business account


Here is what we would like to see/do:

1. Method to submit assignments:

 - Is there any easy way for all trainees to submit their individual test via Teams? (Only trainers can review/download/grade the test, trainees won't be able to see each other tests)

 - Once trainees have submitted the test, is it possible to automatically update in a tracker (would be great if timestamp is included) and notify his/her own trainer?

2. Method to track grades/feedback
 - Ideally, trainees have their own benchmark tracker and we can link their data into a master grades/feedback tracker that only trainers can see. 
 - Once trainers have updated the master tracker, trainees can see their own grades in their own benchmark tracker 
 - If that’s not possible, we either have to copy and paste in people’s data to master or give people a blinded ID for anonymity. Or we can set one Excel tracker, where trainees can only see their individual scores, and trainers can see all scores.


Not sure if there is other Teams app that is applicable for this situation (e.g. power automate), would be great if you guys can share some insights, thank you so much! :)

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Sounds like if you what need is a full learning management system like Moodle for the grades communication.
For the submission of assignments, Onenote classnotebook will do the job just fine.
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