Autofill doesn't work anymore (Excel in Teams)

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Ok so I have this sheet where most cells are connected to a list through Data Validation.


Up until today(?), users have been able to start writing something in the cell and it would automatically search through the list for a matching value. Now, you have to open up the dropdown-menu and chose whatever value you want manually by clicking on it.


So, my question is: Why on earth would Microsoft think that it's a good idea to remove the only good feature that they've made for Excel Online (that doesn't exist in regular excel)? Like seriously, WHY?


Just bring it back, seriously. Why make a crappy product even crappier? Why make everything harder to use for every day that passes? Why hire worthless developers when you're one of the biggest companies in the business? Why? WHY?

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I mean for real. This feature is crucial for my business and saves hours every day. I've built an entire system around it and now you just decide to go and remove it without any notice whatsoever. WHY?