autocorrect text/suggestion text on Microsoft teams issue

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i recently noticed that when I use teams on Windows 10 the autocorrected text - it adds the fixed word instead fix the word that i started typing.


Does anyone notice this?

there is any way to fix it?

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I have the same issue! need it fixed asap please


I'm glad I'm not the only one that notices this!

it's really annoying and I can't work until it's will be fixed!




NP I am surprised that we are the only one. I agree this isn't very pleasant! I can't stop working in teams. And usually, I send messages too fast, automatically without checking my typing. so no it looks like I have a stutter :)). 

for example 


Microsoft please help!


@Danny2420 - wow this is the exact issue, it's exactly what happens when i type fast.. usually didn't check so much, and if it's giving me the right fixable word it's not fixed what I already started to write.
Where is Microsoft!?
I have the exact same issue, this happened recently, maybe they done something different in an update, please correct this, is giving me headaches
Yup this is so annannoying... Please fifix...
Anyone know? I have the same problem
I started to use the new app today hoping that the autocomplete issue will be solved with the new version but the problem persists.

@everart_araujo Microsoft Teams Version (64-bit) and still having the issue

god **bleep**, it so sucks and I don't understand why MS takes the time to fix it?
Sure, I don't understand why this is still going on.
i upgraded to Windows 11 and still same issue
Microsoft sucks!

@tomkoi I have the version: and it's working now with the autocorrect text.

this version is from the end of last month and as I checked last time it's still the problematic version. can you please explain how it's working for you?
Hi, it seems from the check I did, it looks that the issue has been fixed