Auto record meetings - consentment agreement

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good evening everyone.


I see that MS has started the rollout for the Feature ID: 83054 aka

Microsoft Teams: Teams Meetings Auto Recording.

intending to improve our customers and users privacy protection, I would like to understand if is possible to ask a commitment or agreement for every user on the meeting before it is started.

I ask this because we are compliant with several data privacy regulations such as GDPR in many countries and this is something to be considered before delivering this feature.

thanks in advance.


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This would be awesome in general and help us people dealing with GDPR. Might be useful to mention this on UserVoice (

@pvanberlothank you for your suggestion. just did it!


With the roll out of the Auto Recording capability the Meeting will start recording immediately as soon as the meeting is started. Hence there would not be able option for consent of all the participants.


While is recording is started a notification is shared with all the participants that states as below



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Hello Satish, thanks for replying.
yes, indeed this message is shown but with no user consent. For example, it can be passed by the user. Could be more clear to the user if he could consent to it. Maybe a OK / Leave Call system of buttons would be enough.