Auto attendants and pickup groups


Hi.  We are about to implement Teams for calls using direct routing via an SBC. 


One of the concerns I have is around configuring auto attendants and call groups.  Is this easily done and does it work?  I'd like for staff to be able to pickup calls presented to other users or, if I set up a group, to be able to pick up calls presented to that group.  I understand their is this functionality but wanted to make sure it worked.  Also time based routing would be ideal.   can anyone please advise if they have this already set up and working within a direct routing environment.




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Call Groups will allow one user to delegate calls to their colleagues, this is configured by the users themselves. If User A want User B and User C two answer calls when User A is away or can't answer the call they can setup a Call Group, they can select if it should start ringing on User B and C directly or after a couple of seconds. 

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The other option is to create a Call Queue and add users to that CQ, this queue will be assigned with it's own number (Direct Routing numbers are not supported yet). Then you assign agents to this Call Queue, you can select if it shall ring on all agents parallel, serial or longest idle.


The Auto Attendants let people that call in to your organization and navigate a menu system (IVR) to get them to the right department, call queue, person, or the operator. AA is not supported with Direct Routing numbers yet.