Auto Attendant numbers are not working.


I have allocated a telephone number to a resource account - We are receiving a SIP response back of 480 temporarily unavailable. Our phone system is Direct Routing. Can you please advise. 

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I have the same issue with an Operators Connect number
Ran into this today and found your post.

For me, I originally used the old command starting with "Set-CsOnlineApplicationInstance" as we had in the past but calls were not working. So I removed the TN from the Resource Account, waited about 5 minutes and then ran "get-CsOnlineApplicationInstance" to verify that resource account no longer showed a phone number.

I then had to update the PowerShell teams module using: Update-module MicrosoftTeams

Close PowerShell and reopen it. Connect-MicorsoftTeams

I then ran the new command (example)
Set-CsPhoneNumberAssignment -Identity Email address removed -PhoneNumber +15555555 -PhoneNumberType DirectRouting

Not sure, but the new command allows you to specify the "PhoneNumberType DirectRouting".