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Hello I am trying to setup a Auto Attendant and a Call Queue in Microsoft Teams. All Employees have their license and phone system with Microsoft Calling Plan. I am getting stuck Assigning a Number for the Resource Account Auto Attendants. I read "Get the service numbers (service numbers are a special type of phone number that are used by auto attendants) that you need for the auto attendants that you want to be accessible by direct dialing from outside your organization." and then add the Microsoft Teams Phone Virtual License.  My question is can I do Direct Routing and bring that number for the Auto Attendant? And the other option that I read was with third party getting a number for  Operator Connect .  Can anyone help me with this two option. Money difference and if any have more benefits than the other. 

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I am unsure why do you want to use the Direct Routing Number or Operator Connect Number. Let me help you with the complete information.

Numbers to the Auto Attendant and Call Queue can be assigned through the below three formats
1. via Calling Plan from Microsoft
2. via Direct Routing from any carrier of your choice
3. via Operator Connect from the operator connect partner.

Since you mentioned that most of the users are using Microsoft Calling Plan I can assume you are in the country where Calling Plan is available. You can acquire the number from the portal and assign them to the respective resource account. You just need to ensure that the resource account is licensed with Phone System Virtual User License (License is a Zero Value License available in the Office 365 Purchase Option)

Via Direct Routing the you will need to ensure you set up the SBC and then behind the SBC you have a carrier who provides the SIP Trunk connected to the SBC. Once you have all the set up you will utilize the same the resource account which is licensed with Phone System Virtual User License and a PSTN Number from the SIP Carrier.

via Operator Connect you can have same option like Calling Plan but instead of Microsoft you are paying the cost to the Operator Connect partner. The Operator Connect Partner will host the SBC for you in their could and then you assign the DID to the resource account from the Operator Connect DID range.

Let me know in case you need any additional assistance.

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