Auto Attendant and Call Queues with Direct Routing




is there a way to assign direct routing phone numbers to Auto Attendants or Call Queues. That seems to be an obvious function but I have not found any documentation. It always refers to service numbers.


Thank you


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No, not yet but at Ignite Microsoft said that you will be able to use DR numbers for your AA, CQ and Dial-in in the future. I didn't hear any release date but my understanding is that they are using it internally at Microsoft.

So just wait and see...



not the answer I hoped for, but thank you.





As a workarround, is it possible to port some Phone numbers to Office 365 as service number even if we have a direct routing configuration ?
Yes you can transfer your service number to Microsoft if it a number that MS supports since then only supports a few countries.

Sorry, for the late reply. I think we need to settle with call forwards at the SBC level for now. Migrating is not possible because it is a closed number block and there are still analog devices needed.

please  I want Command lines to assign a Direct routing phone number to the Auto attendants and Call queues

Currently you can't set a phone number coming to Microsoft PBX via Direct Routing to an AA or CQ.


You can to it with a small trick by changing the PSTN number to a SIP URI.

This workaround does not work anymore. It only produces 404 responses.

Direct Routing customers requirement for Auto Attendant is  growing daily and we are getting more and more questions as to WHEN it will be available. Nothing on the MSFT roadmap seems to speak to DR AA.

Can anyone at MSFT provide an estimated GA date for this feature (and Call Queues while we are at it)? Thank You

Gary (garywoods @ 

Here are some 'work around' I have done for some clients. I have setup direct routing and used auto attendants and call queues in O365/SfB online.


You have a couple options, either a message manipulation on the SBC to rewrite the TO header on the SIP invite to a service number assigned in the cloud (this can be a number simply acquired thru microsoft) and routing to MS via DR.


A second option is to go to a dummy user that is configured to forward all calls to the AA/CQ number.


A third option is to have your carrier with the sip trunk setup call forwarding for that specific number to the Microsoft service numbers.


I agree, customers definitely need this functionality with Teams. Auto attendant and call queues are an important piece to replacing legacy phone systems and transitioning 100% to Microsoft Teams.


With that being said, it does appear to be on the road map to be able to assign local PSTN numbers to call queues here (under Microsoft Teams - Call Queues)


Hope this helps. 



thank you for your suggestions.


The first option returns a 404 in all attempts I made.

The second option works

The third option is not an option with out carrier. 




Hi All,

I'm trying to determine whether or not Microsoft will charge minutes if I transform the called number on the SBC to be the Service Number. Technically it is not an inbound call to the number, so I would imagine not. However, I want to make sure before I start reserving service numbers. PSTN Hub does not appear to accept SIP URI for Call Routing unfortunately (Which would be the easiest "workaround", until On-Prem Line URIs are allowed on HG/AA).

I tried the support avenues and get confusion when I ask about Direct Routing and Transformations etc.

Does anyone know how I could get the answer from Microsoft?


@gary woodsHello Gary,


on the launched item for CQs is the following sentence which was added in December 2018 I think:

Phase 1 of Call Queues is now available for Teams. The work primarily focused on enabling the same set of features previously available to Skype for Business Online. Additional work is ongoing for support for phone number usage via Direct Routing and is expected next quarter.


This makes we wonder what the status is considering we are approaching the end of that next quarter.






@Sascha Stops  For everyone interested, the documentation for the feature is online:




Hey, that's great news. But, is it just us or is this feature not online yet? I don't find the option "Resource Accounts" under "Org-wide Settings"

@sasfbr We don't have it either. However seeing the documentation makes me think that it might not be long anymore.

@Sascha Stops I just looked, Org-wide settings > Resource Accounts is now in our tenant. I'll have to play with it a bit.

Was someone able to configure a direct routing number on the resource account? I have just tried it and got the following error:


Set-o365CsOnlineVoiceApplicationInstance -Identity testDirectRouting@xxxxxx -TelephoneNumber +32xxxxxxx
Your tenant is Disabled for this service. You are not permitted to use this cmdlet.


I'm guessing it is not rolled out yet on all tenants but can someone confirm?