Authenication and 'website' Tab


I have a question around the 'website' tab in Teams and how it authenticates with Office 365. For example you can add a SharePoint library and it signs in automatically. Yet now if you add a Sway or Yammer feed you hit an authentication page. What is happening and is there something we can do with the tab (say in how we form the link) to make sure it signs in.


Has something changed behind the scenes as I'm sure this worked a week or so ago.



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Hey Simon :)

The website tab doesn't provide authentication, it just renders the page as it's delivered, SharePoint will also ask for authentication if you let the cookies expire.

This is why apps need to build their own tabs, they can then use the api provides for teams tabs to simplify the login process, see At Ignite we heard from SharePoint and Yammer that they were working on making these (and that Planner is going to sort out their annoying pop-up).

Hi Steven! I figured as much but worth throwing the question out. Thank you

It would be great is MS Teams sent a JWT token with the browser request, identifying the user, the same way they do for Actionable Cards:

Hi, is it still same or anything changed by Microsoft? I have a website tab that renders mvc application and I need to enable SSO. Please suggest.