Audit who is downloading or accessing which document in MS Teams

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Hi all,

What are the best options available to track who is downloading or accessing which document in MS Teams especially this could be important for business critical libraries.


Many thanks and look forward to your reply.

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Do you mean every document in teams and all users?
Some options here:
(1) Enable Auditing in the underlying Teams site...bear in mind that enabling Audit can be a litle bit trickier
(2) Go to the Compliance & Security Center and use the Audit Log Search. You can also set alerts there about specific activities around documents download
(3) If you have the right licenses, use the capabilities Cloud App Security brings to manage documents download in SPO

Hi Adam,

I should able to pick users or document library or set for all?

Hi Juan,

Thanks for your reply.


With option 1 when you say it can be little bit trickier, what are the challenges do you see?


And would you able to confirm which license I would need it to use the Cloud app Security? Are you able to share some real example how you are using this in your organisation?


Many thanks and look forward you to reply.


- Option 1: the Audit options are hidden in a modern team site, but you can access them typing the audit page url
- App Security: Is part of can get as an AddOn for E3
By the way, check if the Audit Log search in the Compliance Center is fine to you


your right that can be a nice feature to have something like this counter : 


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with a kind of drilldown to get more details on Readers / Comments ..
and could make some review/validation process much more easier.