AudioCodes C470HD, unable to start provisioning

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I have played with few phone models (e.g. AudioCodes C435HD) and working pretty much as expected.


But with C470HD I end pretty odd issue, I cannot find the following screen from the device:


The guidelines say, that should come from wheel (like it does for others), but the wheel on here:


brings me only a device settings, and "sign-in" goes to company portal.


This device is running "Teams_1.8.303" version, and I wonder if that could be the reason. Even the release notes does not directly say so.


To get higher version is tiny problem as I do not device manager available, and updates from O365 requires the provisioning :lol:


Any others have had similar experiences?

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@Petri X  There is a Teams Phone "Ask Microsoft Anything" session this Thursday from 9 - 10 am Pacific Time - you might want to join to get your question answered: Microsoft Teams Phones AMA - Microsoft Tech Community

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Actually that is not needed for this question anymore. For others yes :)


When you hit your head to the door enough many times, then you perhaps find the correct search terms to use duckduckgo :D I found the following:

Supported versions for Remote Provisioning

Mine is 1.8.303, and does not support that :facepalm: