AudioCodes C450HD screen issue

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Looking for any help possible. I have a number of AudioCodes C450HD phones that worked fine on Skype partition as soon as they were switched to Teams android partition boot the screen is unreadable now as you can see from attached picture. Can't connect to the phone now from web administration and can not be rest manually. For now I can't find any help from anywhere.
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All of these C450HD phones will display like that when you switch to Teams ??
Did you ever find a solution, I have 4 out of 9 C450HD phone that did exactly the same when I switched to team and a hard reset makes no difference the other 5 switched with no issues
No did not find a solution I was able to return phones to original seller and buy new ones.
Anyone else experiencing anything like this?
I am also working with AudioCodes C450HD and these screens flicker right out of the box.
Also MS Teams integration here...
Same here. I have plenty that just flicker
Did anyone ever find a solution?

Same issue here.  The phone will be fine and then all of a sudden it starts flickering making the phone UN-usable.


I had the same problem with C450HD and C448HD. I was able to solve the problem as follows.
Making the switch back to Skype for Business "blindly" via SSH ScreenShots. In Skype for Business via WebGUI back to an old firmware (UCC450HD_3.4.4.1000.10). Most of the time the screen started working again. It sometimes took up to 30 minutes until the screen was legible again.

Then I installed the latest firmware for SfB (UCC450HD_3.4.6.537.20) I had the problem that the "Switch to Teams" option was missing. However, since the bootloader has been updated, you can switch to teams with "Back and OK" when starting the device without the display becoming illegible again.
With all C448HD the display was upside down. This was then fixed with an Android update.