Audio quality poor when sharing my screen

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For starters thank you for this community and a place to comment on issues with Teams.


I'm having an issue with audio quality (both incoming and outgoing) when I use teams on my main PC - and this only happens when I'm sharing my screen. The audio cuts in and out whenever my screen is shared.


I've tried the obvious (internet is 1 GB/sec up/down and consistent, happens with and without the webcam, and happens with other audio sources). Nothing seems to work.


The crazy thing is when I do the same thing on my laptop everything works fine, so it makes me think it's a setting in Teams or an incompatibility with hardware that only triggers when sharing my screen. I should have more than enough processing power in my desktop (Ryzen 9, 5900x) to allow for smooth operation - especially since my laptop works fine with far less power. I'm using an audio interface (Steinberg UR44c audio interface with microphone connected via thunderbolt) but don't understand how that could be the issue especially when other audio sources do the same thing and how the interface works fine when I'm not sharing my screen.


I'm drawing a blank here. Any suggestions or ideas of what else I can try?




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I did some more troubleshooting, and found that if I change the resolution of my monitor to 1920x1080 and share a maximized window on that screen (not the whole screen though) the audio quality remains ok while sharing my screen. This is really inconvenient, is there a better way around this issue?

@3Penergy - I started having trouble with the quality of audio when I shared video clips in MS Teams meetings lately. It became very tinny, the clarity was gone and the volume inconsistent.  I thought maybe I should check if I have any trouble with my Realtek audio driver, the settings suggested that I turn off the enhancement function in the audio setting. I just turned it off and now the audio quality is back to normal. Give it a go and see if that helps.