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I'm having a very odd issue with one of my coworkers. Any call my coworker is in with me, I have a tough time hearing him, his audio gets very muffled and cut off, but none of my other coworkers have this issue when they are in the same meeting. This happens when I'm in a one-to-one meeting with this coworker or a large group meeting with the coworker. It does not seem to happen when using my iPhone for the call, only when using one of my two laptops with my Bluetooth headset. Has anyone seen anything like this before? It's becoming very unproductive. I need to use live captioning anytime he's on a call to get an idea of what he is saying. My coworker has tried using his AirPods and his laptops mic/speaker and it doesn't seem to make a difference for me. 

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Seems to be the issue with the Audio Driver updates on the machine. Is the issue happening while hearing the audio services for other UCC apps.

Can you ask the user to test the meeting via Web Browser and see if the issue still occurs? Either the audio drivers or any specific third party application is causing the problems.

If you make a call to the co-worker and if that work answers the call on the Teams Mobile device does the issue still happens?

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