Audio disconnects on incoming call

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Hi, I am not sure if this is an android / teams / bluetooth or headphone issue, but hope someone can help.


I am using teams on a google pixel 3 in combination with a sony WH-1000MX3 headset. Teams works just fine; audio is great during conversations. However if a regular (via cell network) call comes in while having a teams call; the audio of the teams call gets muted on the headphone while the incoming call rings (a couple of seconds). This is very annoying, in particular, when a caller repeatedly tries to reach me while I'm in a teams call.

I can't find any setting in android to fix this. Any ideas ??? thanks !!!

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As you mentioned that you use a Cell network to connect to the Teams call.

Does this occur with Teams calls over broadband network?

Only limited data can be relayed on the bandwidth of a cell network.

Use a broadband network and tell us whether that happens again or not.


@RuskinF thanks for your reply. Actually it happens as well when my phone is connected to wifi (so the team call goes via broadband). I don't think it has to do with bandwidth; it must be some setting somewhere that gives audio priority to an incoming call via the cell network. I just haven't figured it out.

I know this was the same issue with Skype for Business on IOS, but Apple fixed it with releasing the callkit SDK.

Issue was that the cellular network always had priority over voip (Teams/SfB) calls.

On IOS it’s already fixed while back (Guess it was 2016) with the Callkit, but not sure if Android updated this as well.

I guess this is the issue you have at the moment. Not sure if there is a fix on Android...

Just to make sure it has nothing to do with your phone, can you give it a try on an iPhone? Log in there with your credentials and do some testing...
curious about the outcome for you.

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I have the same issue (on Android). Were you (on anyone else reading this) able to solve this?


Does anyone with Android have a setup where it's not like this? If yes, which devices do you have (phone+headset)?


By this I mean, does anyone with Android have a setup where, if they are in a Teams meeting through the MS Teams Android app and get an incoming regular phone call, the headset still stays connected to the Teams meeting/audio?


If I host a meeting and I'm in the middle of a sentence talking, it's very bothering if someone calls multiple times so that what I'm saying is interrupted multiple times.


The busy on busy settings in Teams is only helping to avoid incoming Teams calls disturbing, it does not help to avoid incoming regular phone calls grabbing the headset from the ongoing Teams meeting.