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I have StreamDeck to switch between audio devices.  Sometimes I want to use headset, sometimes I want to use speakers.  I can press a button and change the Default Communication Device.

For Skype: Great

For Teams: Useless


Teams should present an option for each of audio input and output: "Use default communication device".

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You should start a uservoice request about this.


For Skype for Business there were some complaints about this, when a user plugged in another device Skype changed to that one. Teams keeps the device setting instead.

oh please yes.

i sometimes use heaphones for meetings when there are others in the room, but otherwise i use my speakers. i switch between setups using windows. my music changes, my zoom changes, my whatssapp changes - but i have to manually change the device in teams. i can't believe an app in 2022 does not allow for default system setting as the audio (and recording and camera) as an option.
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