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My organization temporarily moved to a mobile workforce model on Monday. Tuesday I received an email notification from Microsoft that the Audio Conference minute pool usage was at 80%. Upon investigation I saw that in November Microsoft changed their complementary unlimited minutes to 900 minutes per user per month. The minutes seem to be used when a meeting organizer uses the dial in vs using full audio, but I also see that even if the meeting organizer uses full audio any of the participants that dial in account for minutes used. That is not always consistent though, as I have seen users with a status of Conference In not counting against the minute pool and they dialed into the meeting.


Screenshot below of a meeting where the status of each participant that dialed is Conf_In. This status means that the minutes do not apply against the PSTN minute pool.


My question is if a user dials in how does Microsoft determine the Conf In vs Conf Out? I can't seem to find a clear answer for the definition. 

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Hi @Vince Marino

This is an interesting one! See here

Have you checked the PSTN Minute Pool report in the legacy SfB panel? This should show you how it's being consumed. AFAIK, it only accounts for dial out to PSTN from the conference. You may be able to see what is going on here and tally it up against your dial out minute pool

Hope that helps

Best, Chris

Hi @Christopher Hoard,


The report shows me a lot, but its also confusing. Why can a user dial into a meeting and the status shows that their Call Status is Conf In, but at the same time other users that dial in show their status as Conf Out which is the status that counts against the PSTN Usage pool. 

Hmm, I am not sure personally.

@Linus Cansby - you have any ideas on this one? I don't know the explicitly reason for this.

Best, Chris
Any update? It's been over a year, and I'm still seeing this issue. I've opened a case with Office 365 support, and they say it's a "product limitation". The PSTN & SMS ‎(‎preview)‎‎ usage report shows me a lot more than minutes than the email alert I received.

We need to be able to figure out who in the organization is using up resources. It would also be great if it could be done without exporting it to Excel. The current report simply lists each call on its own, no grouping. I'd like to see it show "by date range", "by user".