Audio conferencing meeting notice doesn't include call-in telephone # for participants

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When I create a Teams meeting in Outlook for a user that's licensed for audio conferencing, the meeting notice is missing the dial-in information as expected/stated in this post:


Audio Conferencing in Public Preview Microsoft Teams 


The "Join Teams Meeting" link is included, but not the call-in/conference ID info. Any suggestions how to troubleshoot this? I could swear this used to work, so if it's working for anyone else that would also be useful info. Thanks!

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Thanks Chris, but that did not seem to work for me.
Yes, they have the conference # assigned properly per step 7.

Interestingly, when I schedule a meeting directly inside the Teams app for this same user, the dial-in number info is appended properly. It also works properly in Outlook web. The problem seems limited to Outlook desktop.

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If it’s limited to the Outlook Desktop how about a complete reinstall of the Outlook add in? Also, is the user in their actual tenant in Teams not another organisations tenant?

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Close outlook. Sign out of teams and back in. Then try. This usually fixes it. joy after re-install.
The user is logged into the same account/tenant in the Teams app.
I also flipped back/forth between Teams app in Developer Preview/Non and no difference.

I have the same problem, but nothing fixed it so far. Other ideas?

Please start a new thread referencing this one. Thanks!
Is there any update here , we are also facing this issue for one user, we tried rebooting user machine. In teams either web client or thick client doesn't shows call in phone numbers for the meeting invites.

For those of us that have tried all of the above suggestions and things still aren't working properly, did anyone come up with an alternate solution?

@Meliam22 The good news is that it did finally show up after a weekend's delay.  I don't think it's supposed to take that long, but it certainly did for us.

@Philip Klussyes we are seeing the same issue, assign a license to 300 users and many of them still don't get dial in numbers in meetings after several days. Not just Outlook, in Teams or OWA. Seems there is an issue here, perhaps related to ongoing performance issues with Teams in Europe?

@Philip Kluss   Having same issue here as well. Hopefully there is an update on the status soon. we use RingCentral and their audio bridge has been terrible as well.

@blairtm1977 @Philip Kluss we had some users not working several days after adding an audio conferencing license, raised a ticket with MS and a chap on the Nigerian desk said that they needed to do a sync on the backend...low and behold an hour later it started working for everyone.

@Bob Manjoney 

I just had the same problem and the link from another user helped me.  However, I did have to close Outlook after disabling the Teams plugin in Outlook.  Re-open Outlook, and re-enable the Teams plugin.  Then I had to close Outlook again. This time when Outlook opened it had the dialin info.

I have been working on this for hours when I figured out I could fix the no-dial in numbers problem by disabling then enabling the seat.  See: 


I hope this helps others because it was driving me crazy.