Audio Conferencing lic required to conference TWO people together??


Hmmmm..... not sure what we have found here. Bug or By design.

Users with PSTN Calling Plans cannot add a 2nd person to a existing Call unless they have an Audio Conf lic.

For example, using the soft phone in Teams (see pictures below) - BOTH users have PSTN calling plans but only the user with an audio conf lic is presented with the option to DIAL a number vs. Selecting someone in the org. 

Yet when you read all the MSFT documentation around who needs a audio conf lic is says only the person organizing meetings. We had previously believed that was to provide the dial in bridge info for folks not using Teams. Now it appears that the basic feature of being able to conf two people together impromptu also requires a audio conf lic. Appreciate any feedback.  

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This is because when a chat / call becomes more than 2 people it basically converts to a meeting. I would think you should be able to join PSTN, but technically I think that's why. Not sure if this is intended but it would be a great question for the Teams AMA next. Wed.

Many Traditional PBX's, Hosted Voice Solutions, SfB, and even an IPhone allow you to conf in 3rd person audio without implementing additional licences or added features/expense. This 3 way call is very different than an audio bridge or existing meeting that is conferencing multiple people together . Hard to believe Teams might be requiring a audio conf lic for a 3way audio call but I can't find much documentation to determine if this is a bug or expected behavior. 


FYI, here is MSFT response 

I received update from my senior resources regarding this. According to them Audio conferencing license is required to invite a user via number in an ongoing call.

However if you to invite the user via sip in that case we do not need Audio conferencing license.

I am now waiting to hear if this is desired behavior or a bug.