Audio conferencing invite doesn't include call-in telephone number for participants

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I have booked the audio conference add-on, assigned it to my user and stored the dial-in number in the admin center. However, the appointment invitation does not include a telephone number for the participants.


The solutions from the Old Thread didn't help. 


Please help!

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Check Teams admin under Meetings > Conference bridges, make sure you have a default number assigned here.

If so, what happens if you go to on web client and calendar tab, and start a meeting with someone, check the invite that goes out, does it include dial in?

@Chris Webb Default number is assigned, also to my user in teams. 


Also no dial in number in the web client...


How long did you wait?  We have definitely see that there is 24-48 hours for changes to replicate down to the Outlook client.  After that we have seen a complete power off of the machine - not a restart - power off.  No idea why that works but most of the time it does.  In the few cases where it hasn't - running the Office repair utility has resolved it.

As Allison said, it can take some time to take hold. What is your Upgrade mode set for your user? Are you on Teams Only?

@Chris Webb 

We have Office 365 and i manage everthing in the web admin client. 


Bought the audio-conference add-on this morning...


Personally i am only on teams, in our company there are still few on skype.


Upgrade mode settings:



Should be good then, due to the fact you just bought the license and if it's your first one, give it at least 24 hours and sign out of Teams, and back in and try again. Usually these things take awhile to propagate and especially the first one as Allison was pointing out.

@Chris Webb  ITS WORKING!!!


signed out from teams, deactivated outlook plugin, activated it with restarting outlook. 


not its there :) thank you!!!