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So we are using Audio Conferencing to do call backs from MS Teams.  This works great except that it doesn't prompt the user to "Press 1 to join the call".  What happens then is on conference calls when someone calls their desk phone and doesn't answer and it goes to voicemail, everyone on the conference call hears that person's voicemail message across the whole meeting.  I have dialed into meetings with Microsoft where they are using Audio Conferencing for call back/phone audio and their auto-attendant answers and asks to press 1.


So the question is, how can I configure this in our tenant? 

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@jwesener2 I don't think that is possible with Teams meetings but it is a good idea, I think it is possible with other solutions like webex.


I checked if there was any uservoice for this but could only find on for Skype, not for Teams so you could create a new uservoice here:

@jwesener2 did you ever find a solution to this?