Audio Codes Distributed Direct routing Architect strategy

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Hi Community,


I would like to discuss about the design and architect behind setting up distributed DR SBC.


Plan: A Central DR in a APAC region, all other APAC PSTN sites will be setup as DR SBC itself on TEAMS. LMO and media by pass will be setup on remote site DR SBC.


How do you plan to setup this architect?


Is it required to setup trunk between Central DR and Remote site DR SBC for call flows to other remote sites?


Will call from remote Singapore DR goes to MS TEAMS and then via Central DR SBC reaches to remote Japan DR SBC site?


Signaling and RTP for remote sites will be directly between remote DR SBC and MS TEAMS tenant, not via Central SBC if remote site DR SBC will have public IP.


What if remote site DR SBC wont have Public IP? How RTP will flow for internal and external callers?


Please share your thoughts in case any inputs or thought for this architect.




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This is more complex architecture. Firstly for the remote sites you would need to have the Local Media Optimization done and also the Media Bypass. Additionally you need to ensure that the Local SBC doesn't have a Public IP Address. Local DR Site users will only be able use the services when they are in Office Premises. The services won't work when the users are anywhere else apart from the Office Location.

Secondly APAC is more complicated because of the Local Telco regulations. If Japan, India and China are three countries in the list I wouldn't even plan for centralized architecture for the same due to complex nature of ever changing local regulations.

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