Audio and Video Freezes for DGJ to Zoom

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I'm encountering a problem on MTRoW devices running latest Teams App and supported Windows version where audio and video feed would freeze intermittently for a period of 2 to 3 minutes when DGJ to Zoom.


Initially I thought it might be an issue at the device or network level however after further investigation and test calls between Teams to Teams user/Teams Room, this problem only occur for Zoom meetings.


I had not experience this prior to the update, did the update break Zoom web RTC for DGJ? If anyone can shed some light on this matter would be much appreciated! As far as I know, this hasn't been flagged as an known issue on Microsoft docs.

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We've been experiencing with a YeaLink MTR, also fully updated. I've also seen complaints on Zoom's end from MTR users, but no aid was forthcoming. I think one of the issues is that MTRs seem to connect to Zoom via an embedded browser as opposed to launching the Zoom app.


We were having the same problem, and after a few searches I discovered that MS released an update to MTR on 12/15/22.  We hadn't received the update yet, so I did a manual update this morning.  Problem seems fixed now.  Will need to do some additional testing, but so far it's night and day.  You can find instructions for the update here:  Manually update a Microsoft Teams Rooms device - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Learn

@RichBouchard Thank you for the info! I'll give this a go and revert with an update :)