Attendee video turn into white box if meeting window is re-sized

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Recently I have had the issue that all other users video turn into a solid white box if I re-size the meeting window in any way.

This issue is persistent even after restarting the Teams desktop application and the host machine.


Teams version:

Mac OS Version: 12.3

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I have the same issue. As a version it shows 1.00.507369 for me. I am on OSX 12.3.
I had the same issue - I uninstalled teams - rebooted my MacBook Pro 12.3 and resinstalled MS Teams. Solved it for me - hope you have some luck too. Good luck.
Did you find a reason / fix for this? I have a Lenovo L14 with Win10 (up to date) and Teams version This suddenly happenend from one day to the next. I updated Teams to the latest version ( and rebooted the computer without success. Looks like reinstalling Teams could work, but i would like to find some other solution.
Even a reinstall/reboot does not work for me. What I do as a little enjoyable workaround is to switch from gallery to "together mode" which shows the meeting participants faces at least.
Another workaround is to "pin" the other participants. I can't find any other thread/post regarding this issue...


After my uninstall / boot / install - I had another occurrence of the white box. This time I tried to clear the cache and rebooted. Works for now - lets see if this keeps coming back. Here is a little instruction how-to clean your cache for MS Teams:

Hope this helps 


The clearing cache only worked temporarily and I am now back to white boxes including for screen shares

This is happening for me. On Windows 10, Teams version Changing to Together mode, going to Full screen, or pinning a user will make the video come back temporarily. Resizing the window causes the video to become solid white again.
I have cleared the cache and restarted with no effect. Also tried restarting the graphics driver.



We're having the same issue too. Cleared the cache with no change.



I have the same issue , the strange thing is only I am having the issue my colleagues cannot reproduce it.
Using Team in the public preview version (64-Bit).
20+ users in my organisation including me had the White screens too.
Re-install Teams did the trick for me, but a more user friendly solution would be helpful.
I have version (64-bits) Public Preview.

I am having the same issue as of 31-03-2022


Dell latitude, running windows 10 + Office 365

Our CEO just reported this issue, which isn't great. Where is the Microsoft support on this one?

IT department has reinstalled my Teams moving back to version .8070. No issue thus far so something seems off with version .8776.
I cleared the cash

That resolved the issue (at least temporarily.
Same issue in our org. Clearing cache does not seem to fix it for me.
We are having same issue. any update from Microsoft?



Microsoft confirmed this is an issue and they will be rolling out a hotfix. But the workaround in the meantime is to disable GPU acceleration within Teams - I haven't been able to test this as yet though, so unsure if it actually works.

Same issue,
Teams Version:
MacOS 12.3.1