Attendant Console along with Microsoft Teams

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To have all the full features of telephony, we must also have the attendant console.
Do you know a third party solution with Microsoft teams using Teams API?

Cherry on the cake also for visually impaired and the blind operator ...

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Hi @Benoit Quillet,


Landis Technologies offer their Attendant Pro product also for Microsoft Teams.

They offer also the opportunity to test the functionality with a Trial.


Maybe @Matt Landis can jump in and provide more details.


Another solution you can check out is:


Edit: I missed the "Teams API" link. As Linus pointed out the Teams Calls API (Microsoft Graph Calling API) is still in Beta. So it will probably require another Ignite to see more in this space :)





All Attendant Console creators that are waiting for the same API so currently there is no native Teams compatible but there is some that allows attendants to be moved to Teams and running Teams client together with their software, but calls will be handled by a Skype server. The latest date I heard for the API is during H2 2019 or early 2020, but there is no official date.

@Benoit Quillet 


Microsoft has mentioned at Ignite that the ISV (3rd party software vendors, specialists) will be taken on the role to make the Attendant Console. The are however still waiting for Client-Side API's to become available. Please vote on the UserVoice of Matt Landis (from Landis Computers) created for this item.



During the Ignite session about Calling API Microsoft showed a number of third-party applications that been in the TAP for Calling API to create Contact Center and Attendant applications. I've been working with some of them and there is some minor issues in the API but it works for most companies at least for start to test. One thing that is an problem is forwarding calls to another PSTN-number, but that should work soon.


The API is in limited preview currently, if you contact any of the application providers they might be able to include you in their preview but I know that most of them have a long queue with customers that want to start testing. 


For the list of third-party applications check my tweet here:

@Paul Lange 

Both of these packages require Skype client to be installed as well?

I assume there is still nothing that can be used natively with Teams?

I do not understand how Microsoft released  Teams without this functionality?



different vendors use different approaches. Some require a SfB client some require a SfB backend.

All have in common that they need to work around the situation that the APIs are not GA. 

I would recommend that you get in contact with them and evaluate their solution.






So without getting into the weeds on the pending API's and how they impact 3rd party providers of Contact Center & Attendant Console solutions (not to mention the recently announced Genesys/MSFT partnership), I'm curious as to what the most popular Attendant Console features NOT AVAILABLE in Teams are?
Based on my experience with production Teams Hosted Direct Routing Customers I understand the following;
Attendant related features AVAILABLE TODAY in TEAMS;
1- Ability to see users status/presence to help determine if they are available to accept a call.
2- Ability to TR straight to Vmail.
3- Ability to Consult before Transferring (Consultative Transfer).
4- Groups and Favorites (from Teams SoftPhone client).
5- Park and/or Hold.
6- Group IM's (ex. WHO WANTS THIS CALL?).
7- 3 Way Calls
a. Groups and Favs from Physical endpoints (Native Teams YeaLink or Poly phones).
b. Sidecar support for physical endpoints.

@gary woods a single consolidated view which includes users calendars. As long as Teams doesn't have this my users won't use it.

@Melmix Competella Communication Suite is integrated through the Graph Communications API and provides amongst other the calendar consolidated view as well as a Teams presence. Competella Communication Suite is located in Azure and offered as a public SaaS cloud to end-customers.

Do we have any latest updates on this?

Yes very interested in the status on this!

Yeah, crazy now in 2021, only Landis supposedly has an attendant console. We use Bridge Communication console for Skype, but of course, that is going away and we are moving all users to Native Teams soon.  I've never got Landis's version to ever install/run on a Windows computer...guess a call to their sales/support is required. But wow, always been a problem with MS compared to other platforms.

@Tech Logik The Competella Attendant Console for Teams which is a POWER integrated SAAS solution was released already on the 15th of July 2020. The Competella Attendant Console is part of the Competella Communication Suite for Teams which is currently undergoing certification for Teams and it works with both MS Calling plans as well as Direct Route. 

Take a look at PeterConnect which are now part of Anywhere365. They offer an attendant console for Teams @Benoit Quillet 

Luware Attendant Console also seems to be a viable product.


Attendant Console for Microsoft Teams | Luware



So we're now in August 2021 and still waiting for the API from Microsoft that will allow the delivery of Attendant Console capabilities on Teams...

@Stewart_Ross Competella has a graph API integrated SaaS solution for the Attendant Console for Teams. We have many customers running in production. You are most welcome to contact us.

You may also take a look at Pridis Connecsy Cloud attendant for Teams, an European product that is fully integrated into Teams and offers a lot of essential attendant features. But also has WhatsApp messaging integration and supports multiple presence sources.

Do you have an Australia-based reseller?